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With tomorrow in mind, we use proprietary 22nd century Artificial Intelligence [AI] technologies –today!, like BiologicalAgents® [Index]™ to locate, survey and analyze vulnerabilities in herd immunity in communities associated with the following: climate change, war, or poverty worldwide. Additionally, with our information system, the performer can adopt Strategic Planing, Risk Management and Budgetary techniques outlined in the American Journal of Biological Defense®  to cost-effectively and, or cost-efficiently plan, implement, and evaluate needed infection control intervention projects, or programs.  Finally, any individual, government, non-governmental agency, charitable or philanthropic institution can  purchase large or small  units of Braunmycin®, Olisferrol® or any of our Blood-Plasma products for prophylactic, or nutritional use as an anti-infection vitamin. Numerous studies have shown that natural immunity boosting vaccines or therapeutics, if used on a large scale, and when targeted, can reduce negative economic impacts, like disease burden and lack of wellness associated with: Malaria; Cancers; Pneumonia; AIDS; Tuberculosis; and HIV [McPATH]; Sepsis, Ebola and even Bird Flu to mention a few.

Descriptively, studies have shown pharmaceutical active ingredients (API) in Braunmycin® and Olisferrol® aren't antibiotics in the traditional sense, but function as adjuvants (adjunct therapeutics or vitamins). Specifically, they are Co-enzyme with affinities for apoenzymes. Accordingly, they trigger and sustain safe titters of human Interferon naturally, and like Vitamin-C, has the capacity to bind Apoenzymes in sepsis or at the very least complex with other Apoenzymes that can chelate certain heavy metals or its co-factor. Consequentially, they can neutralize narcotizing sepsis toxins by dismantling minerals associated to microbial toxins. Some toxins need mineral components to work or can cease or minimize function when they are reconfigured by other molecules. Click on this link for more information. Finally, we invite the public to make Donations in support our Blood Bank initiative for  Africa.

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